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“Middle Eastern food is easy to find in the East Bay, but Ani is the real thing. Ani was born in Jordan, and grew up in Lebanon. Ani’s grandmother taught Ani recipes rooted in both Armenian tradition and the cuisine of southern Turkey  – two more culinary influences. War pushed the family on to Athens. Wherever she lived, Ani says, “… every Sunday was like Thanksgiving,” when family and friends poured into the house to share food. And always, Ani cooked.
When she came to the US, Ani attended culinary school, all the while cooking for friends. By word-of-mouth this grew into Ani Catering gathering into its orbit members of the San Francisco opera, scientists and astronauts -  along with bar mitzvahs, bat mitzvahs, baptisms, and more.
The party always seems to come to Ani, and it’s the sense of community here that drew her to Berkeley/Oakland and keeps her here. And the healthy, authentic foods of the eastern Mediterranean keep the buzz going at Ani’s booth. So, if you’re a party animal – just sayin’ – let Ani handle the food for you, fun just seems to follow her around. “

— Karen Yencich, "Berkeley Cooking Examiner"



Buffet Style Catering Options:

VEGAN OPTION:  Hummus,  Falafel,  Dolmas, Spinach Pies with sumac, Tabbouleh, Zaatar Bread, Tahini Sauce,  Hot Sauce and Pickles.


VEGETARIAN OPTION: Spanakopitas, Mujaddarah, Hummus, Tabbouleh,  Dolmas, Greek Salad, Falafel, Zaatar Bread, Tahini Sauce, Hot Sauce and Pickles.

OMNIVORE OPTION: Choice of Chicken Pomegranate or Kibbeh, Hummus,  Spinach Pies, Fattoush Salad, Dolmas, Falafel, Zaatar Bread, Tahini Sauce,  Hot Sauce and Pickles.

"The whole evening went beautifully.  Your lovely food was the vehicle that made the evening so friendly and positive.  Thank you for the enormous amount of talent and work you provided for our benefit." -- Pam, Piedmont, CA
"Thank you for being the heart of a very special gathering, a special day. Your culinary talents go above and beyond. "
-- Robert, Berkeley, CA
"We hired Ani and her staff for an event in our large medical building. She was highly professional, easy to work with and thoughtful of our guests. Her food was high quality, fresh and the presentation was wonderful. Her hummus was to die for."
-- Mike C, Berkeley, CA
"Everything is delicious and very traditional tasting. This is food produced by someone who loves to cook and have happy and loyal customers. Everything is freshly made; we sometimes get the food in quantity and freeze it for a quick meal later."
-- Bill B, Berkeley, CA
"Ani is wonderful! We hired Ani to make the food for a birthday party we were throwing for our friends' daughter's 1st birthday party...While she was in our home, she told us the stories behind the dishes -- their history and where they came from, their cultural significance, the soul of the dish - which was fascinating and deepened our appreciation for the food she was preparing. Ani is as much food historian as she is a talented cook. The food was fantastic, and our guests kept commenting on how good the food was long after the party." -- Kevin V., Berkeley, CA

"Word to the unwise: don't forget dessert." -- Abob B., Albany, CA


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spinach pies